The New Trend In Utah Home Sales: Rent To Own

Selling property using a rent to own agreement is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners in the Utah area! The process is underutilized and can be beneficial for both the buyer and seller when structured properly. Learn more about how to do it in our latest post! While a rent to own sale may not be … Continued

6 Ways To Generate Interest For Your Rental Property in Utah

As an owner of Utah investment properties, you’ll want to find a way to generate interest for your rental property. In our latest post, we offer some great ways to do just that! As a landlord, you might find it difficult to make your property stand out from the rest. If there are several rental properties … Continued

Rent to own homes in Kaysville Utah

Are you tired of renting? Do you want to own a home in Kaysville but your credit, lack of money for a down payment, or the amount of money you make holds you back from qualifying for a traditional bank financing… a “rent to own”, often called “lease option” or “lease purchase” may be a great … Continued

Rent to Own Homes: Understanding the Standard Rent to Own Contract

Almost half of Americans and Europeans don’t think owning their own home will ever be realistic. However, with the right rent to own contract, you can do the seemingly impossible: put home ownership in reach. Rent to own helps bridge the gap between renting and homeownership. However, it works differently from both renting and outright … Continued

How to Know if a Rent to Own Home is the Right Move

Everyone needs somewhere to rest their head. Whether that’s an apartment, a condo, a cabin out in the woods, or a house in a nice neighborhood, everyone needs to live somewhere. But paying for that place isn’t always easy. Generally, the choice is between renting and buying. But in some cases, you may be able to … Continued

How Does Rent to Own Work and Why Is It Worth Considering?

About 43 million Americans are currently under lease contracts. If you’re spending the majority of your income on rent, you’re not alone. Rent prices can range from a few hundred dollars every month all the way up to a few thousand. In San Francisco, California the average monthly rent price is $3,400 while it hovers … Continued