Why Real Estate Investors Should Consider Lease Options In Utah

If you’re an investor with tenants inquiring about a potential lease option for the property, there is an opportunity available to them. Investment in lease option properties has been on the rise due to the fluctuating interest rates. Consequently, it can be tough to locate buyers and exit such properties. Furthermore, with rising house prices it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to become homeowners.

Investment property owners in Utah have a lot of methods to consider when it comes to disposing of their property, and lease options present various advantages that are worth considering. No matter why you’re exploring this subject, these benefits should not be overlooked. Dig into this article and learn why real estate investors in Utah should consider lease options as one of their investment strategies.

Tax Benefits

Everyone loves to save money on their investments. So why not get in touch with a tax advisor to know more about the tax benefits for real estate investors who offer lease options in Utah. This could be a great opportunity to benefit from lower taxes.

Eliminate Holding Costs

Even though you won’t get the entire profits of your sale right away, your purchaser still has to pay for regular holding costs on a monthly basis. Additionally, they may be held accountable for keeping up with repairs and maintenance as if they were the official owners already. Though you may have to wait for a while, once you own the title, the buyers have no choice but to exercise their option. Historically, real estate investors have seen their equity in property increase over time so they risk nothing by considering lease options. Moreover, given the current market conditions in Utah, now is a great time to make use of this strategy.

Keeping Upfront Down

When buyers sign the agreement, they’ll pay an initial fee for the right to purchase the property. This is known as option money and will be paid upfront. If you choose to invest in real estate lease options, this is an additional perk: You’ll be able to keep the option money even if the deal isn’t finalized. This makes investing in Utah an attractive proposition. Lease options can be an attractive option for both landlords & tenants. By placing a portion of the rent into escrow, you could use it towards the down payment when ready to purchase. For those buyers that have difficulty procuring funds for a down payment, rent credit can act as an attractive incentive. This mechanism allows them to save and accumulate funds, and if in the event they are unable to exercise the option to buy the property, these funds will be returned back to them.

Sales Price

When you choose to lease, you have two options: agree on a higher final sales price, based on predictive analysis or wait until the end of the agreement and decide then. Prices set after the contract can prove to be disadvantageous to sellers as market values may rise significantly, thereby leading to missed out profits. Buyers tend to prefer prices that are pre-determined and may even be willing to pay more for the privilege of homeownership prior to actual purchasing. Investing in lease options in Utah is an excellent choice for real estate investors as it can significantly boost their profits. Therefore, this should be considered seriously to maximize returns and benefit from the current market conditions.

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