The Costs of Rent to Own Housing – For the Utah Area

Owning a home — it’s part of the American Dream! Home ownership gives a sense of freedom, security, and permanence. Americans dream of growing up, finding a home, and starting a family; they dream of owning their own piece of land and proudly knowing “it’s mine.” Millions of families want a nice home, a white … Continued

Things To Look For When Renting To Own A Home In Utah

Renting to own a home in , or any city for that matter, isn’t a new concept… but the whole process of “renting to own a house” is a process that most people have questions about. Well, you’re in the right place! This article will walk you through what to look for if you’re looking for … Continued

Utah Houses for Rent – Why rent when you can own?

If you’re looking for houses for rent you may want to consider your other options as a potential home owner in the area. Most locals who are looking for homes to rent in are likely looking at renting as their only option because of things like… – Bad credit (and can’t get a traditional bank … Continued

Lease to Own Utah

When thinking about lease to own in Utаh, you need to know a little bit about the state itself. Utah, which іѕ nісknаmеd thе ‘Bееhіvе state,’ іѕ аn оutdооr раrаdіѕе that hоѕtеd the 2002 winter Olympics іn Sаlt Lаkе City. Thе variety оf rеntаl hоuѕіng within thе ѕtаtе іnсludеѕ соzу ranches аnd ramblers аѕ well аѕ … Continued

Renting An Apartment vs. Renting A House in Utah

So, you’re looking for a place to rent in ? As you’ve already seen… there are a lot of options in the area for housing. All the way from apartments in to rental houses in … condos… mobile homes, and more. But if you’re struggling to decide if you want to rent an apartment or … Continued

How to Find a Rent To Own House in Utah

Are you trying to find a rent to own house in your or ? Rent to own house deals are not hard to find if you know where to look. But these deals are not the mainstream type of real estate deal when you are looking for a home. What you will usually find are either real … Continued

Tips on Selling a Rent to Own House in Utah Fast

Are you planning to move soon or relocating to another area and need to sell your home fast? Sometimes it just takes looking at something from another perspective. Selling a house with a rent to own arrangement may be a solution if you cannot sell your home fast enough the traditional way. Why Sell with … Continued